Being fully in the process is an essence of our philosophy


At Mandala we believe that the product is a result of a contemplative process in which the maker undergoes a transformation while perfecting his or her precision, making the final object a reflection of an inner beauty and harmony.

In Eastern traditions Buddhist monks make huge mandalas out of colorful sand. The process becomes their meditation and ultimately an exercise of non attachment to the material goods when at the end they destroy the most precise and perfected version of Mandala.

Our jewellery- Mandalas from London- is a modern urban version of the same process of self contemplation developed by modern city "monk" to bring beauty, clarity and healthy perspective to our contemporary lives.



The ultimate purity and clarity of genuine Swarovski Crystals and quality of the 925 Sterling Silver make Mandala London Jewellery an unforgettable experience. We source only the finest components to ensure that the initial spark will never die even after decades of use. 

Having recognised the issue of dying European industries and craftsmanship under the mass import of produce from China as well as other Far Eastern countries we made a decision to source our components and packaging solely from European Countries paying fair prices to the ethical manufacturers and yet making the product available to a wider audience by reasonable pricing. 


Also being considerate about nature and its resources we chose FSC Certified Eco Friendly boxes for all our products. This ensures that wood used for production of paper is sustainably harvested and for every cut tree there are three new planted. Thanks to this you can enjoy your environmentally friendly jewellery  without guilty conscious and be sure that European woodland will be preserved for future generations.




Marija Radojičić is a Founder and a Creative Director of Mandala London. Since childhood she had a great imagination, sense of 3D, attention to detail and an exceptional eye- hand coordination. The natural draw to creation, intuitive problem solving and understanding that manifestation of the material world is first born from the thought made her a bold creator from an early age.

"I could thread a sewing machine at the age of 2 before I could even write my own name" she laughs.
With a particular fondness of sewing and using hard tools like hammers and chisels she decided to study Jewellery Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in her hometown Łódź in Poland (Graduated with her Batchelor Degree with Distinction in 2011) after completing a BTEC Fashion Design course in Bray Ireland. 
Studying at Modern Academy of Fine Arts which was founded by Władysław Strzemiński - the creator of Polish Modernism it became inevitable for her to develop love for abstract forms and finding the power in composition and juxtaposition of subtle textures and materials. Later she learnt to work with light and to create optical illusions through experimentation while working with resin, glass, metal and crystals which she currently uses in her creative product photography.
The realisation of importance of participating fully in the creative process came with time when she started working for top luxury British fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, J. W. Anderson, Christopher Cane just to name a few. Here the accuracy, highest attention to detail and ability to see subtle nuances was an absolute must. The only way to perform up to highest standard was being completely aware of each and every stage of the process and mindfully participating in it while perfecting the work and self. It quickly became a way to connect to something greater within, a way of meditating and practicing mindfulness ...and more importantly practicing a non attachment to the items she made. 
Once she learnt that this process is being a common practice amongst Buddist Monks while they make sand mandalas just to destroy them in the moment of completion the path of Mandala London was born and has been a continuous adventure and a wonderful challenge for Marija ever since.